Sarah is the head of the Molecular R&D Department at Biogal Galed Labs Acs. She holds degrees in Animal Sciences, Fish Pathology and Biochemistry from McGill University, the University of Georgia and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has filled positions as a Research Fellow in projects relating to molecular biology, protein engineering and recombinant vaccine development.

Application of Point of Care Molecular Testing in the Small Animal Clinics and Laboratories
Point-of-care testing (POCT) refers to diagnostic tests performed in close proximity to patients and at
the time of the consultation as compared an outside reference laboratory.
The following topics will be covered in.
• Review of molecular biology.
• Antigen testing and molecular biology.
• POC molecular tests available for clinical use.
• Understanding the importance of sensitivity and specificity of POC testing
• Proper use of serology and molecular tests for aid in diagnosis of pathogen based disease.